High performance felt roofing

Reinforced Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Systems

Tecnatorch elastomeric membranes ave been developed for use in high performance built up system on flat, pitched or curved roofs; when incorporated in a suitably designed multi-layer system they will greatly improve the long term performance of that system.



Tecnatorch is a polyester reinforced, SBS modified bitumen membrane. The polyester carrier is impregnated and then coated with SBS modified bitumen. The upper surface is coated with mineral granules with 75mm wide mineral-free selvedge finished with a thermofusible PP film. The underside is given a special grooved profile for torch-on application and finished with a thermofusible film to prevent sticking in the roll.



The material is unaffected by freeze/thaw cycling. It will support temperatures from -15 c to 90 c without damage.



Correctly installed and maintained systems incorporating Tecnatorch cap sheets may be expected to last 20 years.



Tecnatorch is compatible with most building materials with which it is likely to come into contact with during roofing works.



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Flat Roofing

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Accreditation for felt roofing

With over 30 years experience of felt membranes and flat roofing systems, we have looked after a large range of clients for domestic and commercial roofing and full references are available for all our projects.


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Keeping your house warm

Warm deck roof systems involve fixing Celotex insulation boards to the top of the roof decking this stops the need to remove the decking to insulate between the joists. This also will bring your Flat Roof up to current building regulations. Your existing roof is encapsulated with 120mm (5”) Celotex insulation boards and vapour controlled later. For living areas we will update the insulation to a U vol. of 0.18.